Do studded bike tires work? Very well actually! See a video here.

I went out for about an hour today for a ride on the icy trails and sidewalks of Red Deer today. I ended up taking a bunch of videos but all of them except this one turned out way too shaky. For the other videos I had my phone on a strap around my neck and it was just bouncing around too much. This video I set my phone up on a bench with a little cardboard ‘phone-stand’ I made this morning. Check back soon – more ice bike videos to come!

For a great page all about winter bike tires and which ones to use, check out this page from

I had a hard time finding any pure ice, so what you see here is some hard packed snow on a paved trail. The pavement itself does have a thing layer of ice on it but was covered by the hard pack.

You can see I have no trouble climbing the moderate hill with almost zero slip even though I am peddling pretty hard. If you look closely, at the top of the hill I attempt a little wheelie to show the kind of traction I have. On the way down I am just testing the front and rear brakes separately. After my little endo, I kind of went off the path into some fresh, soft snow and like I’ve said before, studs don’t really help in the fluffy or loose stuff. Good thing I had studs on my feet!

I’ve included the video here as both flash video and AVI as I hate downloading plugins and codecs just to watch a simple video clip. Alternatively, you can download the AVI file if your browser doesn’t have flash or AVI capability and your computer’s media player should be able to play it. Click here for the AVI download.

[local /wp-content/uploads/winterIceBiking.avi nolink]

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